Sanhattan (name formed from Santiago and Manhattan) is the popular name given to the financial district of Santiago, the capital of Chile, located on the border of the municipalities of Las Condes and Providencia, in the eastern part of the city. The area has more than 50 premium standard office towers1 and has become since the 1990s, together with the Ciudad Empresarial de Huechuraba, the main financial center of the capital, displacing downtown Santiago and positioning it as the fifth in Latin America, although both sectors continue to be the most popular for urban tourism within Greater Santiago.

The name comes from an article in the Revista del Viernes of the newspaper La Nación of Santiago, published on June 2, 1995, with the title "Sanhattan, the Manhattan of Santiago", as an irony of the editor of that magazine, Luis Alberto Ganderats, when comparing the modern development in height of the sector with one of the centers of the world economy, tendency known as manhattanization.

With time, the term was assimilated by the media, who began to use it to name this urban area.


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