GreatChile applies tariffs according to conditions established by our employees in the tourism and banking industry. We understand that for tourists who are not resident in Chile, it can be a challenge to adapt to local practices, which is why we strive to provide them with all the necessary support so that the payment processes are understandable and fluid. Despite our efforts, some problems may be beyond our control. Next, we present you with some scenarios that could arise and the possible solutions that we offer:

Pay with a debit card or prepaid in Chilean Pesos

Unfortunately, GreatChile cannot accept payments using debit cards or prepaid in Chilean Pesos due to several technical limitations and high costs associated with possible refunds. With the objective of guaranteeing the stability of our prices and protecting the financial privacy of our customers, we have taken the decision to only accept payments with credit cards and transfers from national banks. If you cannot use any of these payment methods, please do not hesitate to contact us to explore other available options.

Paid with credit card in Chilean Pesos issued by a foreign bank

GreatChile uses the services of the Chilean company Transbank and its Webpay Plus and platforms. Transbank allows payment with Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, DinnersClub and Magma credit cards, whenever the 3D SECURE program is applied. However, some cards issued by foreign banks may not be compatible with this program, which could cause problems during the transaction. Furthermore, it is possible that your card has payment restrictions in foreign currency (in this case, Chilean Pesos) that should be lifted. In both cases, we recommend you to get in touch with your bank’s support to resolve any issue. This will guarantee that you can use your card successfully during your stay in Chile. If your bank cannot lift restrictions and cannot use another card, please contact us to explore other payment options available.

Paid with credit card in Chilean Pesos without speaking or understanding Spanish

GreatChile uses the services of the Chilean company Transbank and its Webpay Plus and platforms. These systems process payments on the website of the bank that issued the card. However, during the redirection process, Transbank requests certain card information in Spanish. Next, we provide screen captures with translations of visible texts on the screen to facilitate the process.

First Step

Select the payment method. In most cases the “Tarjetas Crédito” (Credit Cards) option is the appropriate one. Only people with digital wallets from Chilean banks can also pay with the second option. Once your option is selected, the second step section is displayed.

Second Step

The description of this step assumes that you have chosen “Tarjetas Crédito” (Credit Cards) in the first step. In order for the system to connect with your bank, your card number is requested. Please note that from this moment on the form is adapted to the data required by the bank that issued the card and on whose site the payment is made once you press “Continuar” (Continue).